How to have Great Quiet Sex?

How to have Great Quiet Sex?

It’s a matter of courtesy, manners, etiquette. There are many factors that stop both of you from being physical such as roommates, guests, and kids. They are the main factors that stop you from intercourse.

How to have Great Quiet Sex?

Because you may not want to subject others to the thumping of a headboard. And by the way, no one wants to make it public, everyone keeps it secret. But if you involved in one of the factors than it does not mean you have to forgo intercourse for altogether.

Rather the regular lovemaking sessions make your bond strong with a partner. Even the intercourse has lots of benefits for the human being. And actually, staying silent can be extremely so sexy.

So read this article to find out where, how and when to get intimate or physical without making any sound.

Quiet tips.

Make it when others are sleeping or less likely to overhear the sound.

You need to find out an hour in which other members of the room or your family members ignore or don’t pay any attention to sounds. When others are sleeping they will not pay any kind of attention to those sounds which you make during intercourse.

Still, you have to keep the noise minimum, don’t make it overwhelming or louder. You can consider timing between 12 to 2 o’clock or 4 to 5 o’clock. At this timing, you are free. Yes, in this timing everyone is hardly sleepy and lost in their own dreams and nobody will pay attention to any kind of sound.

So that’s great timing in which you can have Great Lovemaking Sessions. Let’s move on to the next option.

Do it when showering.

It is one of the best time as the shower make noise no one will notice your sound because you are bathing or showering. Intercourse during the shower is less noisy than in other places. And the area of showers is great for lovemaking sessions.

But you just need to take care to avoid slips and falls as water is there. The sound of water helps you to get intimate with your partner in the way you want to be.

Do not go for bed.

The bed makes noise as when you applying to and fro motion during lovemaking. The headboard of the bed makes noise by touching from the wall. The bed is great for sleeping but it’s not good when you want to get intimate with your partner in peace.

Instead of the bed, the floor is the best alternative for you. I know it’s not comfortable but you can make it by adding some pillows or mattresses over there.

Change locations.

Changing location is a better option when you near to your parents, kids, guests or roommates. You can go somewhere where you can perform it well.

Addition of some other noises.

It’s a good thing but it is good only in the day. It’s a bad idea to consider while you performing intercourse at night. If you want to do it in the light of day then adding other noises such as music is the best option.

The sound of music will not let anybody understand what’s going inside the room. Then you can do it even when there are guests, kids, or other family members.

Go for Doggy Style Position.

For great quiet intercourse, Doggy Style is a great position. In this position, you can add pillows by moving on to the floor. Yes, on the floor you can add pillows below your knees and for your face. Even there’s a modified version of this position.

In the modified position, your partner lying on their stomach. This will not bring more noise into existence as the kissing will stop you from moaning or groaning. Men have to grab their lady on their stomach and then you can do it quietly.

You can also focus on oral intercourse.

Instead of thinking that penetration is the end goal, touching or teasing each other’s bodies even quite romantic and great. For that, you can try 69 position of intercourse. 69 is a kind of position in which you both can reach orgasms without making any sound i.e. quietly.

Even you find it more exciting when you start doing it. This position will help you when guests and a large number of people are present at home.

Sitting penetration.

That’s a great position for silent lovemaking sessions as this makes the least noise. In the sitting position, man has to sit upright on the sofa, or chair or some other comfortable thing, while the lady spread their leg on to his man.

Then they can apply to and fro motion. This position makes the least noise as you are facing each other, and your man has direct access to your breasts so he can grab it in her mouth. That makes it better and great to experience pleasure during lovemaking sessions.

Proceed slowly.

If you make it fast it will noisy. To make it silent you have to proceed slowly even this also helps you in making the intercourse more intense. Yes, intercourse in slow motion assists you to experience the feeling of pleasure and make it intense.

You will also enter deeper into your lady if you perform it slowly and keep both of you away from hurting each other. Yes, when one of a partner makes it faster there can be chances of hurting the penis.


Here’s the conclusion. As you can see the tips we mentioned above are highly beneficial to have great quiet sex. These tips will help you experience extreme pleasure silently and when you are around guests, kids or with family members.

How to have Great Quiet Sex?

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