Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Healthiest Fat on Earth?

Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Healthiest Fat on Earth?

Olives considered to be one of the topmost healthy fruit in the world. This fruit contains so many essential things for the human body.

But before going deep let us understand what exactly the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is?

This oil is simply made by crushing olives and extracting the juice. Do you know what, it is the only cooking oil which is made without any usage of chemicals and industrial refining?

Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Healthiest Fat on Earth?

It is just a juice or oil of healthy olives without any addition of other nutrients which makes it super healthy and pure as compared to any other kind of food, oil or material.

This is the thing which makes Olive oil expensive and is belonged to the highest quality oil people ever use in their life. It is also not easy to produce extra virgin oil as it requires great very proper care of every single step.

They have to use fresh olives in good conditions and have to monitor every step of extraction oil from them. There are many kinds of olive oil which deliver different color and different benefits than each other.

What’s the nutrient composition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is an ancient food that has been used by people for thousands of years. It is the only oil that is extracted from the fruit, not from seed, nut, or grain. Even they also are known as Sweet Oil sometimes due to no presence of chemicals or other types of additional nutrients.

This oil varies in color, and flavoring depending on the ripeness of the olives, climate, type of soil and producer references. Even the refining process also plays an important role in the power of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As much the refining process is good as much you will get clear oil. This powerful oil does not contain any kind of carbs or protein. All of its’ calories come from fat, mostly unsaturated, making it an extremely heart-healthy addition to your diet.

The 15 gram (one tablespoon) of Olive Oil delivers the following nutrient in following quantity:

Calories – 119,

Fat – 14g,

Sodium – 0.3 mg,

Carbohydrates – 0g,

Fiber – 0g,

Sugar – 0g,

Proteins – 0g,

One tablespoon of olive oil also contains some of the additional nutrients in it. And the good news is that the fat is healthy, mostly unsaturated. The fat of Olive Oil is a healthy kind.

Benefits of Olive Oil.

Olive is an amazing & strong source of antioxidants and healthy fats.

This oil is refined and stripped of important nutrients and antioxidants. And in the whole process, the natural extraction process is considered to extract oil from olives. This ensures that it retains all the nutrients and antioxidants from the olive fruit.

Do you know what, the olive oil contains 30 types of phenolic compounds, which are powerful antioxidants that assist in preventing the body against free radicals?

Free radicals are the molecules that cause cell damage and contribute to disease and the aging process. The fat composition of this powerful oil is a major contributor to its healthfulness.

Reduce the risk of heart disease.

Do you know what, the disease of the heart is the top-rated cause of premature death widely in the world? The extra virgin olive oil has an active compound that contains powerful cardio-active properties, such as helping to lower blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

Giant study conduct on the people who eat olive oil. The study found that the people who eat olive oil have fewer issues of heart and less likely to die early as compared to those people who don’t consume olive oil.

Prevent us from a stroke.

That is the second topmost killer widely in the world. This is directly linked to heart disease and also contributes many factors in the body such as high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. A study conducted on the olive oil found that the people who use olive oil are likely to have a lower risk of stroke.

Other studies also found similar results on the usage of Olive Oil. Olive oil is a powerful remedy against the number of health issues on the body.

It’s one of the best cooking oil.

This cooking oil is the healthiest cooking oil as compared to any of the oil available in the world. This is a powerful oil comparable to any kind of oil. This oil contains various properties that make it different from others.

As you can see there is a number of oils in the market. But everyone used them in a limited manner and if they use it more than the required amount that it increases the risk of many health issues.

But Olive Oil does not contribute any kind of negative consequences on the body even if you use it in more than the required quantity.


As you can see there are lots of things in Olive Oil which makes this oil Super Healthy and Nutritious among all the available oil. This is the only oil which does not contain any kind of chemicals during its extraction process.

And the good news about this oil is it is extracted naturally. You will get only and only natural oil which you can buy from anywhere.

Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Healthiest Fat on Earth?

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